All listed workshops are free to paid members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers at the University of Houston (IEEE – UH).

Arduino/Circuit Playground 101 @ M.D. Anderson Library – Makerspace
Laptops required, no experience needed. Learn the basics of programming, electronics, sensors, and using microcontrollers.

Arduino Microcontroller

Soldering @ Undergraduate Circuits Lab, S385, Engineering Building 1
Come build your own signal generator with us! Perfect for those who have never soldered before or who just need some practice. We have KKmoon XR2206 signal generator kits available for $13 or you can bring your own.
Contact David Galicia (Technology Officer) for more information.

KKmoon XR2206 Signal Generator
Soldering Workshop Flyer

Build-a-(Puzzle)Box @ M.D. Anderson Library – Makerspace
Build puzzle boxes with lights and switches and challenge people to solve them! Basic Arduino knowledge needed. Laptop required.

System Verilog @ M.D. Anderson Library – Makerspace
Come learn how to code in Verilog like a pro! Many tech companies seek people with Verilog experience. Basic programming and Digital Logic knowledge needed. Laptop required.

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